Silicified trees from Madagascar, like those from Arizona, originate from an external source, i.e. where they grew is not where they were found. They have no branches, no roots.

They are mainly found in the Mahajanga region. Their prevailing colour is beige, similar to that of old wood, and red, yellow or black colourations are infrequent.



Sediments were mainly composed of mud loaded with ash, clay and sand. Their linear structure has allowed for much better preservation than for the fossilised trees from Arizona. They present no alteration in their structure which remains homogenous, with no cracks or cavities. On these particular sites, many small trees can be found, most of these being of the resinous tree family.


Petrified wood logs from Madagascar


    Longitudinal cut (petrified wood piece "Dune" - 185x55 cm)




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