Ocean life is about 2 billion years old, the Alps 100 million, the man just 4 million. Petrified or silicified trees from Arizona or Madagascar date from the Triassic period. They are around 225 million years old.

During the Triassic period, the continent mass is split in two super continents. The Northern part, Laurasia, and the Southern part, Gondwana, then split around a new ocean, the Paleo-Tethys Sea. The climate is warm, the Northern and Southern poles do not exist yet.



The Triassic period begins with the greatest extinction of living species in the history of evolution, and ends with another great extinction. Between these two crises, the continent experiences some stable periods.

Surviving vegetation from the Permian Era still dominates in the early Triassic period before making room for Cycads and Ginkgophytes (of which the Ginkgo Biloba still exists). 

  Ginko biloba


Then, seed carrying plants begin to dominate the flora and in the Northern Hemisphere, conifers such as the Araucaria (Araucariaxylon arizonicum), begin to multiply.


 Araucaria tree


Creatures living in these lands are Theropods, carnivorous dinosaurs, as well as Prosauropods, large grazers, subsequently replaced by Sauropods, with an even longer neck, 100 tonne giants (the weight of about 15 elephants).






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