This process is done by a machine weighing several tonnes, installed on rails. Diamond-tipped buff wheels are first used to remove any markings during the cutting process. Then, several sets of grinding and polishing wheels decreasing in grain size allow for an increasingly refined polish, to reveal the colours and transparency of the stone. The polishing process ends by using a very hard powder for a final shine. It takes a minimum of thirty hours to complete the buffing and polishing stages for a one square metre piece.




It is not the craftsman who decides how long to spend on the completion of a piece, but rather the piece itself. Work on a 225 million year old plaque of petrified wood may sometimes require an additional ten or twenty hours to complete.

What do a few extra hours matter in the context of such a long story?

« The skill is to be able to integrate slow progress into the good functioning of the workshop. »

Within this work, there is a multitude of additional processes discovered over the past 30 years in a field exclusively dedicated to work on petrified wood, and research continues.





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