"L’Araucaria" Petrified Wood is a handicraft company created in 1991 and located in La Pierre (Isère - France) by Jean-Christophe GUILLON.

Master craftsman, Jean-Christophe has been working the precious petrified wood material for more than 30 years. He has developed over time quite specific techniques of preparation which allow him to realize and exhibit absolutely unique works and of a rare quality.


The exhibition hall and the shop are located in the Department of Isere (France) at 'La Pierre', in the same building as our workshop:

L'Araucaria Bois Pétrifié
La Butte - RD523

F-38570 La Pierre
tel : +33 4 76 92 17 52
mobile : +33 6 85 36 11 24


Petrified trees are made of silica, an element harder than granite.

In order to cut, we use a process which is at once economical in raw materials, can be adapted to deal with the most fragile pieces, allowing for great precision and also to work with very large pieces.


This process is done by a machine weighing several tonnes, installed on rails. Diamond-tipped buff wheels are first used to remove any markings during the cutting process. Then, several sets of grinding and polishing wheels decreasing in grain size allow for an increasingly refined polish, to reveal the colours and transparency of the stone. The polishing process ends by using a very hard powder for a final shine. It takes a minimum of thirty hours to complete the buffing and polishing stages for a one square metre piece.


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