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The petrified trees, a miracle of nature ...

The astonishing history of petrified trees begins 225 million years ago at the time of the great dinosaurs.
The forests are then mainly made up of coniferous species, araucarias, schilderias or ginkgo biloba.

Who could have imagined that by an incredible alchemy, ashes, water and wood were going to ally and transform over time some of these prehistoric trunks into thousand-colored stone trees?

The Araucaria is one of these emblematic fossil trees. It is also the name of our Workshop & Gallery located near Grenoble in France.

For nearly 30 years now, we have been working on petrified wood of all origins with passion and have developed specific techniques to reveal all the richness and beauty of this precious material.

We are proud to present here some of our achievements, objects of decoration and unique furniture that will illuminate your interior.


Your "Araucaria" Team.



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